We have exciting news for you.

FACT and The Vinyl Factory have partnered with crowdfunding site BORN.COM to make it easy for artists to release music on vinyl – all you have to do is submit a link, and we could put it on wax.

The idea behind the project is simple. It’s easier than ever for artists to bring their music to potential fans, but for many – even acts who have built up big fan bases – releasing on vinyl can still be daunting prospect. The high cost and the risk of delays can be off-putting, and even if there’s a chance of making the money back, it can still be an unaffordable commitment for young artists or labels.

So that’s why we’ve launched VF Selects – because there’s more great music out there than ever that deserves to be on vinyl, and we want to make that happen with as little risk to artists as possible. If we think you’ve got the sound and the audience to sell out a run of records, then we can try to make that happen.

All you have to do is send us your release or nominate someone else’s. It can be available already on non-vinyl formats or it can be totally unheard – we want to release a combination of music that has already resonated with fans and music that’s completely new, and we want to work with a combination of established artists and up-and-comers.

To submit music, just give us the artist’s name and a link to their SoundCloud, Bandcamp or music page in the form below. For more information, head to VF Selects.



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