A day of mourning for synth fans.

Swedish synth company Elektron has announced it’s discontinuing two of the most iconic electronic devices of the past 15 years: the Machinedrum and Monomachine.

Released in 2001 and 2003 respectively, the digital drum machine and mono synth were two rare examples of hardware during an era when gear sales fell as producers moved to software.

Both devices are still spotted in the studios of producers now, though they have largely been superseded by Elektron’s Analog Rytm drum machine and Analog Four synth, which offer analog sound over digital.

“During the years both machines saw updates, both hardware and software, refining the already from the beginning very robust and truly unique sounding combo,” Elektron says. “Crispy, weird and gritty – Machinedrum beats and Monomachine soundscapes are instantly recognizable. They have soul.

“But all good things must come to an end.”

“Now, fifteen years after the Machinedrum first saw the light of day, the last batch of these soon-to-be legendary machines has arrived. They will remain on sale in the Elektron webshop for a week. Then they are gone forever.

“Thank you Machinedrum and Monomachine. You will always have a very special place in the Elektron heart.”

If you want to pick up one of the instruments, you’ve got until June 21 to buy one from the Elektron store, after which they’ll be gone forever.

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