Post Malone has not actually quit rap. No kidding.

Yesterday with a news story called “Post Malone makes generous decision to quit rap” we had a little fun with what XXL editor Vanessa Satten told Power 105’s morning zoo The Breakfast Club was the reason Post Malone was not on the mag’s recent Freshmen cover. She said that he “wasn’t paying attention to hip-hop so much, he was going in more of a rock-pop-country direction” and they decided to move forward without him.

I surmised that it was probably a polite way of saying he didn’t want to be on the cover. According to a late night post on Instagram, the ‘White Iverson’ rapper was actually too tired to take a flight to New York to do the photoshoot with the rest of those being honored.

In his note addressed to “Vanessa, XXL, Internet [it us], etc.” he writes: “I shouldn’t be chastised for expressing myself in whichever way I see fit. That being said, I never have once said that ‘I’m not going to make hip-hop anymore… Even if I was to assume a silly alter ego of Leon Dechino [who?] or make a fucking acid polka project [OK, we’ll bite] and have my head it’s all reflective of what I’m going through as an artist and even more- a living person… Everyone has the right to do whatever they want to fucking do. I want to continue making hip-hop.”

Read the full statement below and catch Post Malone on Justin Bieber’s very hip-hop Purpose Tour.

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