Carney attacks YouTube and other streaming platforms on Twitter.

At this week’s Apple Worldwide Developers’ Conference, Nine Inch Nails frontman and Apple Music Chief Creative Officer Trent Reznor told Billboard that he felt YouTube’s business was “very disingenuous. It is built on the backs of free, stolen content and that’s how they got that big… it is built on the back of my work and that of my peers.”

One of his peers, The Black Keys’ Patrick Carney, took to Twitter to agree with Renzor and take down streaming, in general.

Carney said: “Give me five minutes on YouTube and I probably can find 250 songs that are available which the artist isn’t getting paid for. At least… A sell out in my book in 2016 is anyone that takes a share in a streaming company who also is an artist and doesn’t advocate for fair pay.”

The final part of that comment seems to be aimed at Reznor, whose role as CCO at Apple Music is a continuation of his work with Beats Music. Carney and his bandmate Dan Auerbach have previously withheldtheir music from streaming platforms because of the low compensation rate. It seems that Carney believes that one song should be worth as much as piece of produce. “A song should cost as much as an avocado,” he wrote. “They should be traded similarly at least until people discover a similarly thick and savory fruit.”

[via The AV Club]



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