The Italian tape torturer unleashes his follow-up to the disturbed Miseri Lares.

When composer Valerio Tricoli referred to 2014’s Miseri Lares as his “magnum opus” he wasn’t exaggerating. That record’s nightmarish soundscapes set a suffocating new standard for sonic darkness. Now its creator has returned to examine the wreckage with Clonic Earth, a new album due on PAN next week.

Very much a continuation of its predecessor, Tricoli’s latest sounds “as if all the debris left inside my loudspeakers have been ignited to expand into the ether” and builds its world in the spirit of Hieronymus Bosch’s sprawling hellscapes.

Today you can hear the first passage, the 13-minute ‘The Hallowed Receiver’ which shows Tricoli’s relentless stew of feverish tape manipulations, panic inducing field recordings and ghostly vocals.

Look for Clonic Earth June 24 and listen to ‘The Hallowed Receiver’ below. It’s a tower piece of work — but just remember, you’ve been warned.

Valerio Tricoli

01. ‘The Hallowed Receiver’
02. ‘Stromkirche Or Terminale’
03. ‘Interno’
04. ‘D’Incendio’
05. ‘Clonic Earth’

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