John Corigliano’s cult soundtrack lives again.

Released back in 1980, Altered States – directed by acclaimed filmmaker Ken Russell – was the psychedelic dream, a movie that adapted Paddy Chayefsky’s drug-addled novel and turned it into a cultural milestone.

Starring Drew Barrymore and William Hurt, it centered around data grabbed from neuroscientist John C. Lily’s research into sensory deprivation, where he tested the effects of LSD, ketamine and other psychoactive substances on subjects in isolation tanks. The resulting film is as eerie and disquieting as it is psychedelic and remains a cult classic.

John Corigliano’s spine-chilling soundtrack is a crucial part of the film’s appeal, even scooping an Oscar nod at the time, and now Waxwork Records, who have been responsible for a slew of cracking releases recently, have announced that they’ll be handling the vinyl reissue.

There’s precious little information out there right now, but Waxwork have confirmed that the new edition will be remastered and will include new liner notes from Corigliano as well as the usual deluxe packaging we’ve come to expect from the label.

The Altered States soundtrack hasn’t been available on wax since 1981, but was reissued on CD by La-La Land in 2014. You can hear a track below.



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