Despite condemnation from the DJ community, the Lithuanian artist is booked to play Circoloco on July 4.

Ibiza club night Circoloco has come under fire for booking Ten Walls, the Lithuanian DJ who last year compared homosexuality to paedophilia in a Facebook rant that saw him dropped from numerous club and festival bills.

The Lithuanian musician, real name Marijus Adomaitis, went on to say in “the good 90s… these people of different breed where [sic] fixed” in his tirade, which was swiftly deleted.

DJs including Midland, Pearson Sound, xxxy and Elijah have expressed their dismay at Circoloco’s decision to host the DJ at their party at Ibiza’s DC10 club on July 4 through Twitter, while Mixmag writer Jeremy Abbott called the decision “abhorrent.”

Despite being dropped by several festival bills last year after the incident, Ten Walls recently embarked on a 10-date tour that included gigs in cities including Budapest, Belgrade and Abu Dhabi.

Following the outburst last year, the DJ and producer attempted to make amends, claiming his comments were “completely out of character” in an “exclusive” statement published through DJ Mag.

In December he released a song called ‘Shining’ through a Lithuanian LGBT website featuring vocals from transgender singer Alex Radford.

FACT has contacted Circoloco for comment.

Update: Circoloco has cancelled Ten Walls’ appearance.

The club said: “Ten Walls will no longer be playing at Circoloco next Monday. Circoloco and DC10 Ibiza exist due to values of equality and freedom and we deeply regret any offense caused by this booking.”



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