The plant promises a turnaround time “as short as six to eight weeks” for smaller runs.

Precision Record Pressing Inc. is the name of Canada’s latest vinyl pressing plant and while many plants are springing up worldwide lately, this could be one of the most ambitious, Exclaim reports.

Started by Gerry McGhee, president of major music distributor Isotope Music, the company has big plans once it is up and running later this year. By teaming with the Czech company GZ, Precision will be able to do additional pressing overseas while acquiring more machines and additional pressing plants.

“In phase one we can do 4.5 million units out of the Burlington plant plus 2 million from the Czech plant,” McGhee told FYI Music.

Phase two will begin once Precision gets its additional presses which will make the plant capable of producing 11 million records a year, a number that will make them the second largest in North America once production is up to full speed.

What’s more exciting is that for smaller artists sending orders of 200-300 units, Precision aim to get orders finished in only six to eight weeks.

“We are filling orders in 8-10 weeks. Our goal is that when we’re at full capacity in Burlington it’ll be 6-8 weeks. It’ll be a game-changer for plants around the world when we go to that kind of delivery time,” McGhee said.

We’ll all be able to see how they fare later this year. Precision is pressing its first release in August (though they’re keeping quiet about the artist for now), followed by a proper opening September 16.

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