It comes just a few months after the release of his Good Luck And Do Your Best album.

UK producer Gold Panda has just released a surprise five-track EP, Kingdom.

According to a press release, the producer was inspired to write the EP by the recent EU referendum and an incident that happened to his Afghan neighbour.

“It was made after talking to a neighbour who moved his family from Afghanistan to the UK,” he explains. “He ordered a phone off Amazon so he could call home, but the delivery driver signed for it and kept it. I thought this was a pretty shitty welcome. I made a couple of less happy songs that are very very loosely based around that and my Brexit fears, which were sadly confirmed.”

The EP, whose track titles include ‘Eurotunnel’ and ‘Mediaevil’, follows the release of his recent Good Luck And Do Your Best album. The LP was inspired by a trip to Japan to create a “sight and sound documentary” of field recordings and pictures.

Listen to Kingdom below and buy the EP at Bandcamp.



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