Rub their noses in it with an out-of-office playlist.

Spotify has its fair share of interesting and useless features (Game of Thrones match anyone?), but its latest is peak playlist: a service that creates custom playlists based on your out-of-office status.

Tell the OOO service where you’re going and whether the visit is for business or pleasure, and it will create a list of songs based on your destination. You can also select whether the mood is for “relaxation,” “adventure” or “party.”


According to The Next Web, Spotify will select artists popular in your destination at the time for added authenticity.

After entering your work email and setting how long you want it to run, Spotify will set the service to automatically respond to incoming messages. Your co-workers will receive a message back with a link to your playlist and a very hefty dose of envy. Try it here.

If you want to send some playlists to your co-workers that are a little less cruel, try Spotify’s Fresh Finds.



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