Stevens’ label tell Redditor who found it: “You have received a special gift. You’re hearing something only a few have ever heard.”

Images of an unreleased Sufjan Stevens album from 1998 have been posted online, by a Reddit user who found the record burnt onto CD-R in a dumpster by the songwriter’s Brooklyn studio. A representative for Stevens’ label, Asthmatic Kitty, has since commented that this was likely an abandoned project.

The album, titled Stalker, features 14 tracks that have since surfaced online, despite pleas from the label not to share. “AKR won’t send any ‘severe takedowns’ or legal notices. We don’t do that,” wrote a representative in a Reddit thread started by the person who found the CD. “Instead, I’m asking you, as someone who’s also had the special privilege of hearing unreleased music, to politely ask that you keep it to yourself.”

The label added that it has “no clue if this is legit” but added: “Like any great musician Sufjan writes a ton of music. 99% of it is unreleased for whatever reason. Sometimes you just have to trust the smurfjam… As someone who’s been privy over the years to unreleased music from several artists, I’d say you have received a special gift. You’re hearing something only a few have ever heard.”

The original poster claims he discovered the CD when Stevens’ studio was being renovated. Check out their pictures and the album’s track list below.



1. ‘I Know Where Your Kids Go To School’
2. ‘U Kan Wrun But U Kan’t Hyde’
3. ‘I Got A Good View From Where I’m Standing’
4. ‘Gonna Rock You Like A Hail Storm’
5. ‘Save Yourself Before You Die’
6. ‘Don’t Tell Anyone’
7. ‘No More Mister Nice Guy’
8. ‘Baby Give Me A Feel’
9. ‘Uh Oh Yeah Huh Er Um Baby’
10. ‘I Know Everything About You’
11. ‘Kommin’ Ta Getcha’
12. ‘Keep All The Mace Inside’
13. ‘Let’s Fly To Another Planet’
14. ‘Loneliness Is A Warm Bum’

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