And no, it’s not the Poké-rap.

The internet’s best and brightest have left their homes and hit the streets after Pokémon Go – a new game which, using surveillance tactics your phone’s GPS, requires users to go outside to find and catch Pokémon – was released last week. El-P, a rapper who has never been “super Saiyan”*, took to Twitter to poke (heh) fun at the users: “real shit someone is going to get accidentally maimed or killed off this pokemon shit… then again i dont actually care. but i will laugh the second one of you gets hit by a car. or softly chuckle to myself. sadly. soft but sad.”

It was not long before Run The Jewels fans – it had to be RTJ fans and not Def Jux-heads, right? – got cranky in his mentions: “haha so many hurt feelings over pokemon disparagement… ok heres the deal: if in 1 year someone doesnt get seriously hurt playing that shit ill personally attempt to become a pokemaster.” He then joked he was hacked.

I believe this proves my point about the whole RTJ fans vs. Def Jux-heads thing, no?

El-P continued his rouse by posting this “new track” called “Pokémon rappin” on Instagram… then he launched a remix contest for it.

Pokemon rappin

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Whoever took the time to remix this track… does that mean you had to stop playing Pokémon Go? *scream emoji*

*Yes, I am fully aware that this is from Dragon Ball Z and not Pokémon… but only because of Sicko Mobb and the lyrics to ‘Spa Day’ by Le1f.

[via Pitchfork]



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