Vic Mensa and more cancel scheduled dates.

Detroit club Populux, a venue that was opened in April 2015 to celebrate one of the city’s many vibrant musical exports, techno, has closed after a tweet that said “#fuckblacklivesmatter” was posted to their account.

This tweet, which included a parody of Cash Money head honcho Birdman, was posted after members of the Dallas Police Department were shot during a peaceful demonstration against police brutality: “#blameobama all you libtards caused these deaths. #dallasshooting.” The account also retweeted conservative talk radio host and former politician Joe Walsh who tweeted and deleted a message that read: “10 Cops shot. You did this Obama. You did this liberals. You did this #BLM. Time to defend our cops. Wake up.”

According to The Detroit News, the club claims that their account was hacked and they will be closed for “at least a week” to further investigate how this happened. Attention was brought to it after rapper Vic Mensa, who was scheduled to perform there, publicly canceled his show. OWSLA signees Bixel Boys also canceled their scheduled performance at the club.

Greg Bowen, a spokesperson for the Majestic Theater complex, which includes Populux, told The Detroit News: “Folks are doing everything they can so nothing like this happens again in the future… [we] are angry and appalled at what has occurred.” A note on the venue’s Facebook page, which has since been disabled along with its Twitter account, said Populux stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter.



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