One of the best up-and-coming rappers drops the follow-up to his 2015.

We’ve had high hopes for Cousin Stizz this year (we did, after all, put him on our list of rappers to watch in 2016). His debut, Suffolk County, caught our attention last year and after meeting up at SXSW, we’ve been excitedly awaiting the Boston rapper’s next move. Now it’s here.

Today, Cousin Stizz dropped his new mixtape, MONDA. Running 14 tracks and featuring Stizz flying solo on all but one, it’s another dive inside the mind of a rapper we’ve been wanting to hear a lot more from. Whether you were swept up in Suffolk County or not, MONDA is a chance to get in on the best rapper out of Boston in years before things really take off because as he Stizz puts it here: “My life is moving like 500 horses”.

Listen to MONDA below and download it here.



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