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Saul Williams has just released the latest piece in his ongoing MartyrLoserKing project, a collection of remixes, b-sides, and demos from the album of the same name titled These Mthrfckrs.

The thirteen-track package, out now via The FADER label, showcases Williams’ wide-ranging taste. Alongside remixes by L.A stalwarts such as Mono/Poly, Daedelus, and Thavius Beck, These Mthrfckrs features Nite Owl, Masego, Atari Teenage Riot’s CX KiDTRONiK and more.

MartyrLoserKing, Williams’ fifth album, was released in January this year following a book of poetry, Us(a.), in September 2015. The book and album were inspired by Williams’ travels and his time spent living outside America. In both, Williams uses his experiences to question the current racial and political status-quo and the reality that surrounds us. The album is named after the mispronunciation of Martin Luther King by Africans and Francophones and is also the name of its central character, a Burudian miner-turned-hacker who foments revolution from his computer.

You can listen to the new album below and buy it on iTunes.

On Martin Luther King day this year, FACT TV filmed Saul Williams outside the legendary Nuyorican’s Poets Cafe in Manhattan, where the poet cut his teeth. Alongside an introduction to the cafe’s importance, Williams delivered an a cappella update of his classic ‘Coded Language’ poem for our Freestyle series.

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1. These Mthrfckrs
2. Down For Some Ignorance (MONO/POLY Remix)
3. Horn of the Clock-Bike (Daedelus’ Fugue)
4. Down For Some Ignorance (Nite Owl x MNISOTA Remix feat. Dennis Passley)
5. Hack Into Coltan (Thavius Beck Remix)
6. The Noise Came From Here (Dawit Eklund’s Rootkit)
7. BeatDown (Demo)
8. The Noise Came From Here (Masego Remix)
9. Horny Clock Bike (CX KiDTRONiK Mouse Trap Remix)
10. Down For Some Ignorance (Remix feat. John Forté)
11. Roach Eggs (Sol Messiah Remix feat. SA-ROC)
12. Horn of the Clock-Bike (GMX)
13. These Mthrfckrs (Sodi Demo)



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