The UK producer is taking an unusual approach to promoting his next XL Recordings project.

Diagonal founder and XL Recordings artist Powell has plastered his email address on billboards in London and New York and he wants you to get in touch.

Sending a message to the email address on the billboard will get you a detailed guide to interviewing the producer, including guidelines for greeting him and suggested warm-up questions. “Never ever probe him on the etymology of ‘Melon Magic’, or indeed his relationship with watermelons in general,” the document reads.

As to why he’s opening up a direct channel of communication, Powell says he has a new record coming out soon and “wanted to take a massive cathartic shit and get rid of a ton of old music that was never gonna make the record and won’t ever come out.”

“I’m gonna reply to anyone and everyone yes, the conversations I’ve had already are bonkers. I will give away different music to different people so they feel extra special,” he told us.

The stunt was inspired in part by the billboard used to promote Powell’s ‘Insomniac’ single last year, which published a rant by Steve Albini against dance music emailed to Powell when he asked for the artist’s permission to use a vocal sample in the track.

“It was interesting what happened with the Albini billboard. Lots of conversations about the state of communication today, privacy etc,” Powell said. “Exposing myself like this felt like it could become an experiment of sorts — what happens when you give yourself away like this and invite people in?”

So there you have it: if you want to find out more about Powell’s next record, get some unreleased music or even just tell him you hate him, get in touch.

Update, 6pm BST: Powell has revealed his debut album

In an email to one of his fans, Powell has revealed his next record will be his debut album, Sport.



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