We’ve featured plenty of noteworthy record stores before, but this is a first.

Los Angeles-based artist Chris Cooper, known as COOP, recently put his bricks together to craft the best record store we’ve ever seen made out of Lego.

“I’ve been getting back into Lego since my son was born, and I’ve been doing these little buildings that Lego sells as sets … I wanted to try to build a custom one, and a record store was my first choice, since that’s where I spend a lot of my time,” Cooper told Thump.

The store, appropriately dubbed Brick City Records, was inspired by Permanent Records in LA’s Highland Park neighborhood and the selection comes from Cooper’s own collection. It seems like a place we’d want to shop considering you can spot releases from Kraftwerk, Can and more on the walls.

Does anyone know who to contact at Lego so we can make this an official set?

Take a look at some of the pictures below and find more Lego creations on COOP’s Instagram.

Good selection of reissues! #legorecordstore #lego #legomodular #legomoc

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The neighborhood hipsters. #lego #legomoc #legomodular #legorecordstore

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