You see what he did there.

In an interview with Alternative Press, Marilyn Manson announced that he will be releasing his tenth album on February 14, 2017 (aw shucks, it’s a Valentine to all of us) and it will be called SAY10.

Read that out loud: “Say” “10”. “Say-ten.” “Satan.” Cute!

The album will follow-up last year’s The Pale Emperor featuring the track ‘Cupid Carries a gun’, which you may recall confounded Singles Club and garnered comparisons to Nick Cave, Jack White and Death Note.

Watch the interview below, which reveals that Manson still loves to suggest he and whoever he is with are, ahem, intimate with each other, among other wild claims.

(P.S.: Justin Bieber is selling new merch: Marilyn Manson t-shirts.)

[via Stereogum]

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