Third Man Records promises to “make vinyl history” on July 30.

Jack White’s Third Man Records has released a teaser video for a new project, which The Vinyl Factory believes could be the culmination of the musician’s long-held ambition to be the first to play a vinyl record in outer space.

“On 30th July Third Man Records is going to make vinyl history again”, says the caption on a video posted to Facebook yesterday (July 19). It’s followed by a rotating gold record that reveals the label of Carl Sagan’s ‘A Glorious Dawn’, released on 7″ by Third Man in 2009.

Fans have suggested that White could be planning a reissue of the Voyager Golden Record, which was sent into space on both Voyager probes in 1977. But as The Vinyl Factory notes, it could be hinting at something much bigger.

In 2012 White spoke to astronaut Buzz Aldrin for Interview Magazine, in which he revealed he was working on a “secret project” to get one of the songs on Third Man Records to be the “first vinyl record played in outer space”.

At the time, White said the plan was “to launch a balloon that carries a vinyl record player. And figure out a way to drop the needle with all that turbulence up there and ensure that it will still play”. Watch this space.

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