From their 2017 release.

Justin Broadrick and Mark Kozelek are already working on the follow-up to their self-titled collaborative Jesu/Sun Kil Moon album they released back in January. Their first offering from that album is ‘He’s Bad’, a song about recent reports that sensitive materials, including child pornography, were allegedly found on Neverland Ranch.

“Is the latest on him true? Well, I don’t fucking know / But if I had a son, would I let him get into a car with Michael Jackson? / Fuck no,” Kozelek sings. We’d like to inform you, Mark, that Michael Jackson died over seven years ago.

The song, which you can hear on Kozelek’s site, comes form their album 30 Seconds to the Decline of Planet Earth which will be out on June 1, 2017.

Sun Kil Moon’s next album, Common As Light And Love Are Red Valleys of Blood, will also be released next year on February 28. Hear the lead single ‘God Bless Ohio’.



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