The producer blurs the line between experimentalism and pop even more on his upcoming release.

From his work with Oneohtrix Point Never as the duo Ford & Lopatin to working with Ejecta, Joel Ford’s music has always walked a tightrope between abstraction and dance floor indulgence. He pushes that even further on No Origin, his upcoming EP as Airbird due on Driftless Recordings.

It’s captured best on the closing track and first single, ‘I Was Yours’, which loops a romantic vocal hook over arpeggiating synths and skittering drum beats. Ford puts it best, explaining his aim to find a “middle ground between heavy beat/sample-based production and abstract meditational electronic moments elegantly splattered throughout the record”.

Listen to ‘I Was Yours’ below and grab No Origin on September 16 via Driftless.


01 ‘Streamer’
02 ‘History’
03 ‘Ecology’
04 ‘I Was Yours’



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