The Electro-Harmonix Mini-Synthesizer is now available for iPhone and iPad.

Moog’s Model 15 modular, Oberheim’s SEM and many other classic synths have transformed into iOS apps, but the latest vintage analog instrument to be revived is something a little less iconic: the Electro-Harmonix Mini-Synthesizer.

Released in the early ‘80s, the synth looked more like a toy than a serious instrument. It featured a very basic membrane touch keyboard instead of real keys, and those who owned it at the time say it had a questionable build quality.

Despite having very basic options for sound creation, the synth was capable of generating a distinctive Moog Taurus-like bass sound that found a place in rock and electronic music, with Van Halen and Jean-Michel Jarre both making use of it.

Electro-Harmonix’s new iOS app looks a lot like the original, but features 22 presets and the ability to hold a lot more. It features the same oscillator and filter controls, but includes additional delay and reverb effects.

The Electro-Harmonix Mini-Synthesizer iOS app is available now from the App Store for $4.99/£3.99. An Android version will be available in October.

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