Gary Fung settled with the Canadian music industry after a six-year lawsuit.

The founder of BitTorrent search engine isoHunt has finally settled the second of two lawsuits brought against him, bringing to a close 10 years of legal battles.

Gary Fung, whose site was launched in 2003 and enabled users to find pirated music, movies and video games, settled with the Canadian music industry for $66 million after agreeing to be held liable for copyright infringement.

As Billboard reports, the court held Fung liable for $55 million in damages and $10 million in punitive damages, with court costs of $1 million. Fung agreed never again to be associated with any service that makes music available without the permission of copyright holders.

The Canadian lawsuit was originally filed in 2010, one year after Fung lost a copyright infringement case brought by the Motion Picture Association of America. It cost Fung $110 million in damages, and isoHunt went offline shortly after.

On a post on Medium, Fung sarcastically announced that he was “happy” to be free after 10 years: “And I want to congratulate both Hollywood and CRIA on their victories, in letting me off with fines of $110m and $66m, respectively. Thank you!”

Fung is free, but authorities are still taking down the people behind torrent sites around the world. Last week the alleged founder of KickassTorrents was arrested in Poland after being tracked by a legal iTunes download.



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