Yes, really.

Bushwick, Brooklyn art space and night club House of Yes is slated to debut “an immersive, participatory, psychoactive and dissociative spectacle” called Ketamine: The Musical later this month.

The event takes place August 17-19 (D∆WN is playing there the night before, to give you an idea that the place is not completely daft) and stars not only its hired cast, but the entire audience. It’s a seated event, “because obviously you can’t stand on ketamine,” and runs for just over an hour but “feels like an eternity (the fun and scary kind).”

There are only tickets available for the show on the 19th – and you can grab them here – and they come in “Tranquilized” (VIP) and “Mildly Swervy” (general admission). Sure! [via Thump]



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