AVP Synth’s MAD-5 is an analog drum machine capable of creating very raw sounds.

Moscow-based synth manufacturer AVP Synth has unveiled its latest instrument, a compact drum machine inspired by classic Soviet-era hardware.

According to Ask.Audio, the MAD-5 is a stripped-back analog drum machine with just five raw-sounding drums: bass drum, snare, open hat, closed hat and clap. It doesn’t have a sequencer, but it does have MIDI for triggering from an external source.

Unlike some modern drum machines, such as Roland’s TR-8, the MAD-5 also has individual audio outputs for each drum sound, as well as an output for the whole mix.

The company says it’s “inspired by the sounds of the mid-20th century Soviet drum machines,” and the official video appears to confirm that. The rough sound is closer to a Formanta than a Roland TR-808.

There’s no release date for the MAD-5 yet, but it’s reported to cost €290. If you need a Russian synth to go with it, there’s an instrument inspired by the classic Polivoks synth on the way.

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