Apparently it will include club bangers and surgical, academic flows.

Martin Shkreli, the ex-CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals currently awaiting trial on charges of security fraud, posted a tracklist on Twitter for a supposed new rap album.

The tracklist, which you can see below, features three untitled tracks with beats by Scott Torch, Timbaland, and Just Blaze alongside ‘ghostbusters’ which Shkreli says is “the inevitable Ghostface diss” and ‘champion (MMA and everything else)’. We’ll leave you to picture Shkreli winning an MMA battle, or anything else.

Earlier this year, Shkreli had a public spat with Wu Tang’s Ghostface Killah after the MC called him a shithead when he learnt Shkreli had bought the only copy of the Wu’s Once Upon A Time In Shaolin for $2 million. Shkreli then threatened to destroy the album and said he would smack Ghost in the face if they were in the same room together. The last shot came from Ghost who released an 11-minute video in which he called the pharmaceutical executive “the man with the 12-year-old body” (which might be the origin of the MMA champion song) and mocked him further.

In further tweets, Shkreli detailed some of the tracks claiming “‘what dat mouf do’ is the club banger” and a 2017 summer anthem and that one of the untitled tracks will show his “surgical, and at times, academic flow.”

And in case there was any doubts he also stated the album was no bullshit or parody.

A few hours after Shkreli’s tweeted tracklist, Just Blaze also took to the platform to clarify he had nothing to do with the supposed project.

The two then conversed on Twitter with Shkreli admitting the untitled tracks and named beat makers were more wishful thinking than actual fact.

Just Blaze did however tell Shkreli that if Turing Pharmaceuticals made Daraprim available to those who needed it and can’t afford it he was willing to talk.

Shkreli first came to public attention in September 2015 after his company raised the price of its Daraprim drug (used to treat HIV-positive patients) more than 5000%. Four months later, Shkreli was arrested by the FBI for fraud committed during his time at the MSMB Capital Management hedge fund and released on $5 million bail.



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