Upon his release from jail, Troy Ave takes action.

Troy Ave is suing NYC venue Irving Plaza and its operator Live Nation over a shooting that occurred at T.I. concert back in May, Pitchfork reports. The shooting, for which the Brooklyn rapper was formally indicted for attempted murder before being released on bail in July, left his body guard Ronald McPhatter dead and three others, himself included, injured.

According to The New York Post, Troy (né Roland Collins) claims that the venue’s lax security measures put him and others in danger and that the personnel at both Irving Plaza and Live Nation should have been more active in de-escalating the event.

From the Post: “Authorities have said Collins started firing after getting into a fist fight with a rap critic who wrote a negative review about him. Cops later found the gun he allegedly used during the shooting in his van and matched it to the bullet that killed McPhatter.” It was originally reported that Troy Ave was reacting to a feud with fellow Brooklyn rapper Maino.

A court complaint states that Collins “did not bring any guns and/or weapons of any kind into the venue” although security footage from the shooting appears to show him as the culprit.

Troy Ave was released from Rikers Island in July on $500,000 bail. He now wears a monitor on his ankle and is not allowed to leave the confines of New York City.



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