And it’s all for a good cause.

Want to get your hands on a classic Memorymoog synth but don’t have the cash? The Bob Moog Foundation is giving one away.

The non-profit organisation holds regular raffles to raise funds for its charitable work, and the latest prize is the last synth to be made by the original Moog company before it went bankrupt in 1986.

According to the foundation, the six-voice polyphonic synth has a few minor cosmetic imperfections, but has been fully serviced and is valued at $6,500. If you want to be in with a chance of winning, you only have to pay $25 for a raffle ticket.


As well as being one of the company’s most powerful polyphonic synths, the Memorymoog has 100 patch storage slots and programmable arpeggiator. The only thing it doesn’t have is MIDI connections, which only featured on the Memorymoog Plus update.

There are only 4,000 tickets up for grabs, which isn’t many considering the raffle is open to contestants internationally. If you want to save money and narrow the odds, you can buy five for $100 or 10 for $200.

The raffle is open from August 8 to September 6, but last year’s raffle tickets sold out in eight days. Proceeds go towards helping the foundation educate children and adults learn synthesis as well as preserve Moog’s archive. [via Synthtopia]

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