In other news: Sky is blue, water is wet.

Market research company YouGov has released the results of a new study into the demographics of vinyl buyers in 2016, and the results are almost hilariously predictable.

The recent surge of interest in vinyl has led to supermarkets and chains stocking the decades-old format again after abandoning it in the 1990s, but contrary to a US study last year that has under-25s making up half of the punters, this UK study shows a different demographic. YouGov’s research actually puts the age range of the majority of vinyl buyers between 45 and 54, with 18 to 24-year-olds least likely to buy their albums on wax.

Even more interestingly, the YouGov study looked even further into the lives of the vinyl buyer, finding that they are more likely to be music obsessives, with 66% of them saying they couldn’t get through the day without listening to music, compared to 49% of UK adults in general. Unsurprisingly, they’re not fans of music piracy either – 59% of vinyl buyers said that downloading music illegally is wrong.

As if we needed any confirmation, the study also revealed that vinyl obsessives are lonely introverts – 56% of them prefer to keep their feelings to themselves and a whopping 69% enjoy being alone. Good thing they’ve got that rare OG vinyl pressing of Popol Vuh’s Affenstunde to keep them warm at night, then. [via The Vinyl Factory]

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