More Frank Ocean music we’ll probably never hear.

Hudson Mohawke revealed on Twitter that he had demoed some tracks with frequent collaborators James Blake and Frank Ocean, respectively. In response to a tweet hopeful he’d work with Blake, Mohawke wrote: “We demo’d a few as well as Frank O n myself but I can’t get into anymore trouble for leaks.”

The leaks he may be referring to is a compilation called frank o0000oocean that, according to Pitchfork, was posted on Reddit last December which he confirmed was him after the files were removed.

Unfortunately, HudMo said he was unsure whether or not the music would ever see the light of day. But that just seems to be the case with Frank Ocean, huh?

Check out his recent remix of DJ Shadow’s Entroducing highlight ‘Midnight in a Perfect World’.

Update: James Blake has taken to Twitter to say he hasn’t worked with Hudson Mohawke.

This is a little bit confusing because yesterday HudMo wrote “we demo’d a few” but it’s unclear whether that meant he and Blake demoed music together or if he and a collaborator made demos that never got past a manager and into Blake’s hands. We will update as the story continues.



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