Kanye West writer was held up at gunpoint before facing indifference from police officers when trying to report the crime.

Chicago rapper and songwriter Che “Rhymefest” Smith, best known for his work with Kanye West and the founder of the Donda’s House teaching program, took to Twitter yesterday to share details of a robbery and the ensuing treatment he received by Chicago police officers. Following the tweets, Anthony Guglielmi, director of communications for Chicago PD, apologised to Smith.

The incident appears to begin with a robbery on the city’s south side in the early hours of Saturday morning. Smith says he was jumped by a young man while sitting in his parked car. With a gun pointed at him he was made to hand over his wallet, which contained only $3. Smith took to Twitter to deplore the situation and invite the robber to contact him so they can talk.

Following the incident, Smith visited his local police station to report the robbery. In a video he shared, he seems to have been faced with indifference from the officers on duty. One woman can be seen to tell him to stop filming while it takes nearly 2 minutes for another officer to allow Smith to place a report after a heated exchange.

After Guglielmi contacted Smith on Twitter to apologise, the rapper invited him to sit down and find a better way “to police our communities.”



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