The artist formerly known as Lee Bannon enters a new phase.

New York producer Fred Warmsley has announced details of his next album $uccessor, which lands in November on Chino Amobi, Nkisi and Angel-Ho’s NON Worldwide label.

Warmsley has gone under a number of aliases over the past few years, including Lee Bannon and ¬ b. $uccessor is the first album to come under his Dedekind Cut alias, which he launched in 2015 with an EP of abstract sound collage.

On the basis of preview track ’46:50′, the album sees the producer continue to explore experimental and ambient sounds across nine tracks. NON Worldwide is releasing the album on vinyl, while Hospital Productions is selling a limited cassette version of the album.

Listen below and pre-order the album at Bandcamp. You can also revisit his mind-melting Black History Month In 3D mix, which landed on NON in February.


01. ‘Descend From Now’
02. ‘Instinct’
03. ‘Conversations With Angels’
04. ‘Fear In Reverse’
05. ‘Maxine’
06. ‘☯ (Peace Symbol)’
07. ‘5ucc3550r’
08. ‘Integra’
09. ’46:50′



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