The company has also updated the microKORG synth and unveiled a desktop ARP Odyssey.

Korg has just unveiled a surprise addition to its family of Volca mini synths, the Volca Kick.

Billed as an “analog kick generator”, the Volca Kick is a synth dedicated kick drum sounds for dance music. It features an analog circuit based on the sound of the filter from Korg’s MS-20 synth, making it capable of punchier sounds than the Volca Beats drum machine.

As well as kick drums, the Volca Kick can also create bass sounds. Like the other Volcas the Kick features a step sequencer, but on this model Korg has added a new touch control feature for controlling effects.

The Volca Kick will be released in October for $159, and follows the release of the Volca FM synth earlier this year. Like the other Volca models, it runs on AA batteries or a power adaptor.

Korg has announced several other new products along with the Volca Kick. As well as $599 desktop versions of last year’s ARP Odyssey reissue that land next month, Korg has refreshed its popular microKORG synth as the microKORG S.

The microKORG S looks a lot like its predecessor, but it includes a new set of built-in speakers and new presets that Korg says “meet the needs of the changing music scene.” It’s available later this month for $499.

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