Lil Wayne vents on Twitter.

New Orleans rapper Lil Wayne took to Twitter in the early hours of Saturday morning to express his mental exhaustion. He made no clear reference as to what had driven him to feel “mentally defeated” and added that he was done and would “leave gracefully.”

A few hours later, the rapper added “I’m good y’all don’t trip” and has been silent since.

Wayne has certainly had his fair share of issues in recent years that could lead him to feel this way. He’s been on bad terms with his label, Cash Money, and his latest studio album, Tha Carter V, has been delayed for years. He’s regularly criticised label-owner Birdman and caused controversy with his involvement in Tidal, Jay-Z’s streaming platform.

In June, Lil Wayne was reported to have suffered from a seizure on his way to a show in Nevada. He let fans know it was a false alarm.

The next project for the Louisiana rapper is a memoir, titled Gone ‘Til November, and scheduled to be published on October 11. The book is based on diary entries Lil Wayne wrote during his incarceration in New York City’s Rikers Island prison in 2010.


Chicago’s Chance The Rapper has tweeted his support to Lil Wayne. The pair collaborated on Chance’s recent Coloring Book, for the track ‘No Problem’.



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