The Aerophone AE-10 lets you play saxophone, clarinet, flute and even synths.

Roland’s 909 Day celebration has seen the company release a DJ controller, a new TB-303 and TR-909 and even a turntable, but it’s saved the weirdest for last: the Aerophone AE-10.

Billed as a “digital wind instrument,” it wouldn’t look out of place in Star Wars‘ Mos Eisley Cantina, and allows the user to play a number of different sounds using a breath sensor it claims reacts like an acoustic horn.


As well as featuring digital emulations of saxophone, clarinet, flute and oboe, the Aerophone can play trumpet, violin and even a selection of synth sounds. The instrument has a layout reminiscent of a traditional saxophone, with octave keys on the left-hand side and performance keys on the right.

The digital instrument can be powered via an optional rechargeable battery (which lasts around seven hours) or mains power, and also features a built-in speaker. There’s also a stereo mini-jack that connects to a music player for playing along to other music.

It also features a USB connection that Roland says allows the AE-10 to play external MIDI sound modules or software synths in a DAW such as Ableton Live. A price and release date for the Aerophone AE-10 have yet to be announced.

Roland’s 909 Day also saw the release of the AIRA System-8 instrument, which includes software emulations of the classic Jupiter-8 and Juno-106 synths.



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