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31 metal classics.

Black Sabbath The Ultimate Collection will be released as a limited edition ‘crucifold’ 4xLP box set via BMG this Fall.

Remastered by engineer Andy Pearce, the set collects thirty-one classic tracks including ‘Paranoid’, ‘The Wizard’, ‘Iron Man’ and more. The quadruple gatefold opens up into a suitably metal crucifix.

The compilation will be released on CD and digital formats on October 28 while the special edition vinyl will follow on November 18. Find the tracklist below.

Black Sabbath are currently on their farewell world tour, which ends in their home city of Birmingham, UK, in February 2017.

Ozzy Osbourne previously said: “We started off as four guys from Aston who had a dream, and it came true beyond our wildest dreams. We were manipulated, ripped off, conned. We lost each other within each other. But it’s great to have got this back just to end on a high note.”


Side 1

01. ‘Paranoid’
02. ‘Never Say Die’
03. ‘Iron Man’
04. ‘Black Sabbath’

Side 2

01. ‘Children Of The Grave’
02. ‘Fairies Wear Boots’
03. ‘Changes’
04. ‘Rat Salad’

Side 3

01. ‘Sweet Leaf’
02. ‘War Pigs’
03. ‘Sabbath Bloody Sabbath’

Side 4

01. ‘Hole In The Sky’
02. ‘Symptom Of The Universe’
03. ‘Spiral Architect’
04. ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Doctor’

Side 5

01. ‘Dirty Women’
02. ‘Evil Woman, Don’t Play Your Games With Me’
03. ‘A Hard Road’

Side 6

01. ‘Lord Of This World’
02. ‘Into The Void’
03. ‘Behind The Wall Of Sleep’
04. ‘Snowblind’

Side 7

01. ‘Tomorrow’s Dream’
02. ‘The Wizard’
03. ‘N.I.B.’
04. ‘Electric Funeral’

Side 8

01. ‘Embryo’
02. ‘Killing Yourself To Live’
03. ‘Am I Going Insane’
04. ‘Wicked World’
05. ‘It’s Alright’



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