Calls it an “epic fail.”

Legendary rap journalist turned filmmaker dream hampton has produced a short video for The New York Times op-ed section breaking down America’s War on Drugs. The clip is illustrated by VICE contributing editor Molly Crabapple, whose illustrated memoir Drawing Blood was released last year, and narrated by Jay Z. (He also wrote the script.)

hampton, who helped Jay with his proto-Rap Genius autobiography Decoded, originally approached the Drug Policy Alliance on behalf of Revolve Impact, a social impact agency she works with, about collaborating on a piece. Her inspiration, according to Drug Policy Alliance member senior director Asha Bandele, was The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness.

In the book, author Michelle Alexander poses the question: “Why were white men poised to get rich doing the very same thing that African-American boys and men had long been going to prison for?” Jay Z’s script does a great job of illuminating who exactly will benefit as marijuana legalization continues to become more prevalent across the United States – and what is happening in states who haven’t adopted these laws yet.



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