He also thinks the Saint Pablo Tour is too loud.

In a recent interview with LA’s Power 106, Chance the Rapper revealed a little bit more information about the Kanye West collab album Good Ass Job he hinted at earlier this year: “It’s definitely far from done. It’s something that gets brought up in conversation every once in a while.” OK, then!

West also has something with Drake in the works, which Chance says he hasn’t heard yet but is “sure it’s all [he’s] gonna be listening to” when it finally lands. It seems likely that this release will be completed before Good Ass Job, as Kanye has spoken about the joint project a couple times and a mysterious billboard featuring both the G.O.O.D. Music and OVO logos appeared over the summer in LA.

How will Drake have time to work with Kanye when he’s already prepping his VIEWS follow-up and an EP with Gucci Mane and opening a strip club in Houston? Who knows! ‘Ye is too busy right now, anyway, with his Saint Pablo Tour which Chance the Rapper says is too loud:

“Literally, my stomach felt like I had, like, internal bleeding because of how much it was shaking and how loud it was. So, if you see this, I’m just gonna text you so you don’t see this and get mad later, but turn that shit down just, just, like, four dBs or something. I don’t know.”

Watch the interview below, where Chance discusses his love of Kanye’s catalogue.



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