The track’s an off-cut from Chance’s recent Coloring Book mixtape.

Polaris Prize winner Kaytranada is soon to release a track with Chance The Rapper called ‘They Say’ which was originally intended for the latter’s Coloring Book release.

The Chicago rapper confirmed the news in a Twitter Q&A during a soundcheck for his upcoming Magnificent Coloring Day festival, responding to a fan’s question about the track, having heard the song performed live. “So, ‘They Say’ will be released for sure,” he said. “I gave it to my homie who produced it, Kaytra. Kaytranada produced it a minute ago for the third mixtape in its early stages, and he’s gonna release it soon, I think.”

Chance also used the Q&A to profess his love for Lil Wayne and discuss the status of tracks previewed in live TV slots that have yet to have official releases, including his Muhammad Ali tribute at the ESPYs, an alternative version of ‘Sunday Candy’ he performed on Saturday Night Live and his Nike song for the Olympics ‘We the People’, suggesting they may never see release: “A lot of those special TV moments will just live as those moments.” Watch highlights below.

Chance’s Magnificent Coloring Day festival takes place today in Chicago featuring performances from Lil Wayne, Young Thug, 2 Chainz, Francis and the Lights, John Legend, Alicia Keys, Skrillex and more.

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