Hey, what’s up, oh no.

TMZ reports that Fetty Wap and producer Tony Fadd are being sued by Danish artist Lazar Lakic who claims to own the rights to the ‘Trap Queen’ instrumental.

Lakic says he “purchased exclusive rights” to the instrumental, then called ‘Hello’, in 2014. He claims that Fadd attempted to buy back his rights in early 2015, but Lakic was not interested. (‘Trap Queen’ was already a bubbling under hit in 2014, but had not yet reached the Billboard charts.)

Lakic seeks compensation from Fetty Wap’s ‘Trap Queen’ success, as well as to have every copy of the song destroyed and for all future sales to cease. TMZ reports that Fetty Wap’s attorney Navarro Gray says he has a contract to prove Fetty Wap legally purchased the beat from Fadd and will take action against Fadd to cover the damages.

A representative for Fetty Wap told FACT he has no other comments at this time.



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