From a remix album featuring Fennesz, Ikue Mori, Oneohtrix Point Never and more.

Michael Gordon, one of the founding members of the art organization Bang On A Can, has enlisted a star-studded list of experimental artists to remix his composition Timber, a percussive piece for six wooden 2x4s performed by Mantra Percussion.

Timber Remixed includes alternate versions by Squarepusher, Blade Runner 2 composer Jóhann Jóhannsson, Oneohtrix Point Never, Fennesz, Deerhoof drummer Greg Saunier and Ikue Mori of no wave legends DNA. One of the most exciting remixes is available now courtesy of Tim Hecker.

“The section of Timber that Hecker chose to remix is a particularly poignant and dense moment in the piece with cascading polyrhythms of 8:7:6:5:3:2 falling into one another,” Mantra Percussion member Mike McCurdy explained in an interview with Thump. “After his track’s intro, Hecker layers and loops all 6 polyrhythms in various ways to create a beautifully dense texture.”

Listen to the track below and grab Timber Remixed October 26 via Cantaloupe Music.


Disc 1
01. ‘Jóhann Jóhannsson’
02. ‘Sam Pluta’
03. ‘Tim Hecker’
04. ‘Fennesz’
05. ‘Oneohtrix Point Never’
06. ‘Greg Saunier’
07. ‘HPRIZM/High Priest of APC’
08. ‘Ian Williams’
09. ‘Squarepusher’
10. ‘Ikue Mori’
11. ‘Mira Calix’
12. ‘Hauschka’

Disc 2
01. Mantra Percucussion – Timber Live



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