Part of a Los Angeles retrospective on the project.

Oneohtrix Point Never will premiere the music video for Garden of Delete’s ‘Animals’ starring Val Kilmer at an upcoming exhibition in Los Angeles.

The video will be premiered during Ecco: The Videos of Oneohtrix Point Never, a retrospective on the music videos associated with Daniel Lopatin’s many projects, which opens at The Hammer Museum at UCLA on October 18. The video was directed by Rick Alverson (best known for the film The Comedy) and was written by Alverson and Lopatin. A clip from it can be seen in a trailer for the exhibit which depicts Kilmer sitting in a hotel room, which the museum elaborated on in a statement.

“While ‘Animals’ might be understood as a straightforward portrait of the actor Val Kilmer, the strobing effects and stuttered frames that disrupt the scenes do what they can to undermine this,” the description reads. “Fragmented sounds and samples from popular sources are often slowed down, pitched, manipulated, layered, and repeated in a manner that is as musically weightless and soothing as it is haunted and jarring.”

Watch the teaser below for a glimpse of the upcoming video.

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