Jamie Roberts joins Shifted’s label with a diverse new record.

Blawan will debut a new experimental alias with a double EP on Shifted’s Avian label in November.

Adopting the name Kilner for the six-track release, it’s the UK techno artist’s second new moniker of the year after releasing a record on The Trilogy Tapes as Bored Young Adults this summer.

According to the label, Walk Type is “a notable chapter in the artist’s discography”  filled with corroded drones “shifting and warping in and amongst furtive drum work.”

For the most part the record eschews traditional dance floor functionality in favour of this rich, experimental premise,” the label adds, though we can expect some clubbier tracks in the mix too.

Blawan has gradually moved towards a more heady, experimental sound over the past few years, launching the TERNESC label last year as an outlet for his modular techno productions.

Walk Type is released on November 28. He will debut the Kilner project with an appearance at Avian’s Boiler Room showcase on October 26.



01. ‘Sunsera’
02. ‘Filk’
03. ‘Insa’
04. ‘Otto Morph’
05. ‘Auto Wave’
06. ‘Tamtara’



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