A pre-College Dropout Kanye goes hard over a Chaka Khan beat.

An unreleased Kanye West track from before The College Dropout has emerged online after reportedly being discovered on a cassette demo at a flea market. Listen to ‘Baby’s Coming’, featuring Ye’s former crew The Go Getters, below.

The track, which sees Kanye rap over a sample of Rufus and Chaka Khan’s classic ‘Ain’t Nobody’, is estimated to have been recorded in the late 1990s or  early 2000s, and was posted on Reddit over the weekend. Though we could do without the song’s kinda ugly ‘Gold Digger’-style shades of misogyny – “Gave hoes abortion loot, they bought shoes with it,” raps Kanye about “lying” women “forcing niggas out of abortion cheese” – the track itself is a glorious, if grainy insight into the early workings of a hip-hop icon.

West returned to his Saint Pablo Tour at the weekend, after cancelling dates following the armed robbery of his wife Kim Kardashian West in Paris earlier this month. “I can safely say that tonight is a victory,” he told the crowd during a Chicago homecoming show on Saturday night (October 8). “If your dreams keep you up a night and your ideas keep you up at night then your vision will come alive.”

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