UIQ’s next release is “live coded” by the Tokyo-based computer musician.

Tokyo computer musician and programmer Renick Bell is the latest addition to Lee Gamble’s UIQ label with a five-track EP of algorithmically-generated music.

According to UIQ, the five-track Empty Lake EP is “live coded” from Bell’s own generative music system. Renick is also the author of Conductive, a library for live coding in the Haskell programming language.

Instead of releasing a traditional video or SoundCloud stream to highlight Bell’s work, UIQ has offered an insight into Renick’s music-making process with a stream of the kind of improvised live coding session he uses to make tracks.

The track names continue the generative theme: all five have been constructed from the I Ching.

Released on October 14, Renick’s EP is the latest killer release from Gamble’s UIQ label, which has put out abstract techno from Lanark Artefax and Cairo club sounds from Zuli this year.renick-bell-packshot


A1. ‘Trying To Control the Four Winds’
A2. ‘The Well’
B1. ‘A Deluge’
B2. ‘Transforming a Fault’
B3. ‘Surface Waters Flow Together’

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