The new edition will come with a slew of bonus tracks.

Ghostly will re-release Telefon Tel Aviv‘s acclaimed debut album Fahrenheit Fair Enough this December. The album was originally released by John Hughes III’s Chicago-based Hefty imprint back in 2001, and was praised for its fusion of glitchy IDM tropes and the smoky post-rock of Chicago mainstays Tortoise.

Telefon Tel Aviv was initially the project of school friends Joshua Eustis and Charles Cooper. They released three albums before Cooper passed away suddenly in 2009. Since this year the project has been on hold, but Eustis – who also makes music with Turk Dietrich as Second Woman – rebooted Telefon Tel Aviv this year for a series of live shows and a promise of new material.

The new edition of Fahrenheit Fair Enough has been remastered and will be bundled with a slew of bonus tracks from the band’s archive. An early 1999 version of ‘Fahrenheit Fair Enough’ has already been shared and sounds almost completely different from the final version, boasting a more traditional IDM sound and none of the electric piano that would characterize the track.

Fahrenheit Fair Enough will be released by Ghostly on December 2 on LP and CD.


01. ‘Fahrenheit Fair Enough’
02. ‘Ttv’
03. ‘Lotus Above Water’
04. ‘John Thomas On The Inside Is Nothing But Foam’
05. ‘Life Is All About Taking Things In and Putting Things Out’
06. ‘Your Face Reminds Me Of When I Was Old’
07. ‘What’s The Use Of Feet If You Haven’t Got Legs’
08. ‘Introductory Nomenclature’
09. ‘Fahrenheit Far Away’

Bonus tracks:

10. ‘Reak What’ (Archive ’99)
11. ‘Fahrenheit Fair Enough’ (Archive ’99)
12. ‘Cliccum’ (Archive ’99)
13. ‘7 8’ (Archive ’99)
14. ‘Eight Track Project’ (Archive ’99)
15. ‘Rittle Alpha’ (Archive ’99)
16. ‘Rittle Beta’ (Archive ’99)
17. ‘What’s The Use Of Feet If You Haven’t Got Legs?’ (Archive ’99)



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