The former Pink Floyd frontman talks new tunes in between Desert Trip dates.

Roger Water is fresh off of closing the first weekend of Desert Trip – the Palm Springs festival featuring Paul McCartney, recent Nobel Peace Prize winner Bob Dylan and more – and has revealed he’ll soon have more than just classics to perform. He’s gearing up to release first solo record since 1992’s Amused to Death and it will be produced by Radiohead’s technical guru Nigel Godrich.

The two met in 2015 when Godrich was produced the 3-disc live album of chronicling Water’s record-breaking tour of Pink Floyd’s iconic The Wall from 2010-13, according to a new interview with Waters in Rolling Stone. Waters also admits he’s never heard any of Godrich’s other music.

Still, he has good feelings about him (not so much the music industry, though): “Nigel’s really good. He said to me, ‘People always want to do these long records. How long was The Dark Side of the Moon?’ I said 38 minutes. But there are no constraints on records now because nobody pays you anything for them. So everything’s off the table. I so feel for young musicians, knowing that all of your work will be stolen, and nobody wants to pay you.”

Waters will perform at the second and final weekend of Desert Trip this Sunday. Watch him perform ‘In the Flesh?’ from his The Wall tour below.



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