The south London producer arrives on Warp.

Brixton producer Gaika has surprise-released Spaghetto, his debut Warp EP. The eight-track release marks the first proper release on Warp from the artist who blends UK rap, grime and dancehall with an industrial bent.

The producer described the EP, which includes the previously released single ‘3D’, as the first of a three part audio-visual series (the visual elements are unclear as of now). It will be followed by Another Hole In Babylon and Glad We Found It which, according to a timer on Gaika’s site, will be released in 22 and 35 days, respectively.

Gaika describes the tracks collected in this first act as “love letters to humanity and individuals I’ve loved and lost”.

“On some level this collection of songs and images are testament to the bonds we make as outsiders and the decisions we take through living with those bonds,” he says in the album’s press release. “The songs are deeply personal, but I can’t ignore the greater context and want to make sure the complete work exists, not only about my inward experience, but also that of all recent immigrants (and their primary descendants).”

Spaghetto will receive a vinyl release October 28, but until then you can stream it for free below.



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