With tracks from Jam City, NA, Neana and more.

Night Slugs have now set a trend of releasing a new All Stars compilation every three years with the announcement of Vol. 3. Their last comp of this kind was out in 2013, a great crossover year for Night Slugs (and their friends Fade to Mind), so this new volume is an excellent marker of their ascent. But the collection is about more than that.

“We needed to redress the balance of humanity, to make sure our music was compassionate,” says label boss Bok Bok, via press release. “Making sure everything had a human core to it, we had to reassess our responsibilities.”

Bok Bok took inspiration for the compilation by removing all the music from his phone and getting back into portable listening via an MP3 player. He filled it with old DJ mixes, as well as “US and UK radio stuff, R&B, rap, afrobeats.” He found the music to be “better than therapy or any drugs.”

The compilation was also inspired by Night Slugs’ work with Kelela, both on her 2013 mixtape Cut 4 Me and Bok Bok’s solo track ‘Melba’s Call’. It features more vocal collaborations than we’ve heard from Night Slugs before, including the first release, which features Bok Bok B2B with Nigh Slugs producer and keyboardist Sweyn J and vocals from Flirta D. Bok Bok calls the track “early morning, euphoric, meditative”. Check it out below.


01. DJC -­ ‘C100’
02. Ikonika -­ ‘Stick Shaker’
03. Hysterics -­ ‘Empty VIP’
04. NA – ‘Ecstasy edit’
05. Bok Bok x Sweyn J – ‘Good 2 U’ [Feat. Semma]
06. Girl Unit ­ – ‘Queen B’
07. Jam City ­- ‘Direct Drums’
08. Sweyn Jupiter ­- ‘Throwback Thursday’
09. Helix – ‘Funky 1irst’
10. Neana – ‘Cyberia’
11. L-Vis 1990 – ‘Sweet Spot’ [Feat. Ronika]
12. Sheen x Sweyn J – ‘My Syrup’
13. Bok Bok x Sweyn J – ‘Unlimited’ [Feat. Flirta D]

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