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The name of Moscow’s new teenage rave scene, Skotoboinya, means “slaughterhouse” in Russian.

Watching this new short film by Thump in collaboration with Lynx, you’ll quickly see why. Centred around gabber beats, happy hardcore vibes, a 1990s-inspired dress code and “dirty, dusty premises”, it’s a world of intense sounds, vibrant light installations and colourful retro sportswear. It’s hard, dark and powerful, but “also beautiful because we have such a cool atmosphere,” says Kira Borisova, who co-founded the scene with friend Viktor Eroshenko.

Thump headed to Moscow to get a closer look at the rise of Skotoboinya, finding out from artists, promoters and fans where the scene and aesthetic emerged from. Watch it below or head to Thump.



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